RI - 12800HDI MultiBeam System

The RI - 12800HDI is a MultiBeam processing and observation system that incorporates a Schottky-type SEM and a High-Power FIB column. After performing cross-section milling of a region using FIB, it is possible to observe and analyze the internal portions using SEM. The FIB can be used for fine milling and TEM sample preparation, as well as performing 3-dimensional structure analysis with automatic cross-section milling/ observation & analysis at fixed intervals. The Schottky-type SEM enables easy positioning of the target site, as well as observation and analysis of minute structures. This is a system that can be used for a wide range of applications, including research & development as well as product quality control.

Multi-function analysis through the combination of a High-Power FIB column and High-Power Optics SEM
The High-Power FIB column, with a maximum probe current of 60 nA, enables fast cross-section milling, while the Schottky SEM offers high-resolution observation of the cross-section. The High-Power Optics (maximum current 200 nA @ 15 kV) that are incorporated in the SEM make it possible to perform high-speed, high-resolution analyses, such as element analysis using EDS or WDS, and EBSD crystal orientation analysis. In addition, there is a full range of optional attachments available, including transmission electron detectors, specimen cooling mechanisms like a cryo unit and cool stage, and cathodoluminescence detectors.

3-dimensional structure analysis function
By automatically alternating between FIB section milling using the serial slicing and sampling function, and SEM observation and analysis (EDS mapping or EBSD crystalline structure analysis) it is possible to analyze the 3-dimensional structure of a specimen. The measurements can be performed rapidly because there is no need to shift the specimen stage.

Compatible with other Roston products
The specimen holders used with the RI - 12800HDI are the same as those used by the Roston FE-SEM systems. Furthermore, if a shuttle retainer is used between the TEM holder tip and the HD series stage, there is no need for complicated handling of a TEM sample that is mounted to the mesh grid, offering improved throughput.

Electron gun- Schottky Field Emission Type △TFE(ZrO/W)
Objective lens- Out-lens type objective lens
Resolution- 1.2 nm @ 30 kV WD4mm 3.0 nm @ 1 kV WD2mm
Accelerting Voltage- 0.2 to 30kV
Probe current- Several pA to 200nA @ 15 kV
Aperture angle optimizing lens- Built-in
Magnification- x20 to x1,000,000
Detectors- Lower Electron Detector(LED) Option(*) R-BED* STEM*
Gentle beam- Built-in (Voltage applied to specimen 0 to 300V)
Specimen exchange chamber- Built-in (with dry nitrogen introduction function)
Specimen stage- 6-axis motor drive stage
Specimen travel range- X: 50 mm , Y: 50 mm, Z: 1.5 to 41 mm Tilt: -5 to 70°, Roration: 360°, Fz: -3 to +3mm
Specimen exchange method- One-touch chucking type
Specimen holder- Standard Holder : φ12.5 holder φ32mm holder Option holder : 76.2mm wafer holder 100mm wafer holder 125mm wafer holder 150mm wafer holder 2,4,6 type bulk holder Surface multi-specimen holder STEM holder Shuttle retainer holder One-touch holder
Chamber scope - Specimen Chamber Camera (option)
Auto functions- Auto focus Auto brightness control
System control- SEM controlling system PC IBM PC/AT compatible〔SM-77360PC〕 RAM 2 GB or more OS Windows 7® Professional*
Monitor- 23 inch
Image display- Image display area 1280×960 pixel, 800×600 pixel
Display modes- Standard : SEM_SEI, FIB_SEI Option : SEM_COMPO, SEM_TOPO, AUX, CCD
Scanning / Display modes- Limited area scanning, addition iamge, scaler Screen display: 1 screen, 2 screen(standard), 4 screen
Vacuum- HV ; 2.0 x 10E-4 Pa (when GIS is in use;<3.0E-3Pa)
Evacuation system- SIP x 2 (SEM), SIP x 1 (FIB), TMP x 1, v RP x 1
Electricity consumption saving mode- In normal operation approx. 2.0kVA
Co2emission equivalent- Co2 emission in year Normal operation 4967kg
Safety device- Protection against vacuum fall, water failure, N2 gas pressure fall, leakage current. However, ultra high vacuum maintenance mechanism at power failure is not included.
Footprint- 3200mm or more ×3000mm or more
Installation Requirement- Power Supply Single PHase 100 V, 50/60 Hz, max. 4kVA, Normal use approx. 2.0kVA Allowable input power supply fluctuation within ±10% Grounding terminal 100Ω or less x 1 Cooling water Faucet out. dia. 14 mm x 1, or JIS B 0203 Rc 1/4 x 1 Flow rate 0.5 L/min Water pressure 0.1 to 0.25 MPa (gauge pressure) Water temperature 20°± 5℃ Drain inn. dia. 25 mm or more x1, or JIS B 0203 Rc 1/4 x 1 Dry nitrogen gas JIS B 0203 Rc 1/4(to be provided by user) Pressure 0.45 to 0.55 MPa (gauge pressure) Installation Room Room temperature 20℃±5℃ Humidity 60% or lower Stray magnetic field 0.3μT (P-P) or less (50/60 Hz sin wave,WD 10 mm,15 kV)*1 Floor vibration 3μm (P-P) or lower*1 at frequency of sin wave more than 5Hz. Noise 70 dB or lower *1 as FLAT characteristic Dimension of installation room 3,000 mm x 3,000 mm or more Height 2,300 mm or higher Door size 1,000*2 mm(w) x 2,000 mm(H) or more
*1 This is not applicable for conditions other than these. We will conduct installation room survey before delivery, and consult with you the maximum magnification of observation.
*2 Please consult if door width is 900 mm.
Main optional attachments- EDS, WDS, EBSD, CL, SNS etc.