RI - 6800HDI Tabletop Maskless Aligner System

With “Write Mode I” it is possib-le to write structures down to 1 µm at a speed of 50 mm²/min. In “Write Mode II” you can produce features down to 2 µm with a speed of 100 mm²/min. This equals an exposure time of less than 25 minutes for a 2” x 2” pattern. The integrated exposure wizard (GUI) guides the operator through the com-plete procedure: Load the substrate, select the design and start the exposure.

With a footprint of 60 x 75 cm² the RI - 6800HDI was designed to fit even into the smallest R&D laboratories, and requires only power connection and an air pressure supply to operate. The data conversion software has inherited all the performances and functions from our high volume, large area production systems. It is very simple to operate and provides basic de-sign operations and features a viewer for the design data as well as for the converted pixel data. The software supports multiple data formats: GDSII, DXF, GERBER, CIF, BMP, STL. Other formats are available on request.

RI - 6800HDI is equipped with a high power LED light source, providing exceptional reliability and very long lifetime. The standard wavelength is 390 nm. Other wavelengths may be available upon request. The RI - 6800HDI can expose standard po-sitive and negative photo resists as well as UV-resists such as SU8. Since the intensity dose is not limited, the system is suitable for applications, which require thick resists.

The light engine features the Digital Micro Mirror Device (DMD) as the imaging device, a platform, which is already available in the market and has been constantly improved for usage in commercial as well as R&D applications. Besides en-abling high throughput, a major advantage of the DMD is its reliability in the visible as well as in the UV spectrum of the illumination.

The integrated metrology system allows to do overlay expo-sures either by manual or automatic alignment to multiple targets on the substrate. Our field proven Autofocus System compensates flatness variation of the substrate in real-time. This is an essential feature especially for high-resolution li-thography systems. Custom made vacuum chucks can hold substrates with various sizes up to 6”. The stage is driven by powerful linear motors and controlled by encoders at a reso-lution of 20 nm.

Key Features and Options
High speed exposure engine
Substrates up to 6“ x 6“
Structures down to 1 µm
Address grid down to 50 nm
Basic gray scale exposure mode
Real time auto focus system
High power UV LED
Camera system for metrology and alignment
Multiple data input formats