RI - 9900HDI The Ultimate Lithography Research Tool

The RI - 9900HDI laser lithography system is an economical, high resolution pattern generator for low volume mask making and direct writing. The capabilities and flexibility of this sys-tem make it the ultimate lithographic research tool in MEMS, BioMEMS, Micro Optics, ASICs, Micro Fluidics, Sensors, CGHs, and all other applications that require microstructures. The customer base of the RI - 9900HDI includes over 150 leading universities and research facilities worldwide. Many of the system features have been developed in close cooperation with these institutions. The basic RI - 9900HDI includes all the features that are needed for successful creation and analysis of your microstructures. It can be used for mask making or direct exposure on ba-sically any flat material coated with photoresist. Numerous optional features increase the flexibility and make the sys-tem suitable for more applications. And if one of your appli-cations requires a special technology, it can most likely be implemented in the RI - 9900HDI.

The system can utilize a variety of different lasers, which makes it possible to expose all common photoresists, inclu-ding UV resists like SU8. In addition to high resolution 2D patterns, it is also possible to create complex 3D structures in thick photoresist by using the Advanced Gray Scale Exposu-re Mode. By supporting six interchangeable write modes the resolution and throughput of the system can be optimized for each application. The optional vector exposure mode will offer even further flexibility such as excellent smoothness of curved lines and a higher throughput for certain designs like waveguides or microfluidic channels.

To ensure the stability of the system, it is placed in a climate chamber providing a constant temperature. The optical setup, the autofocus system and the interferometer controlled high precision stage system guarantee the quality of the exposed structures. These advanced technologies allow the system towrite structures down to 0.6 µm with an address grid of 10 nm.

The RI - 9900HDI includes two CCD cameras used for metrology and alignment purposes. This enables the system to perform overlay exposures with high accuracy. Arbitrary structures on the substrate can be used for the alignment. The optional backside alignment system uses two additional cameras to align front side exposures to structures on the backside of the substrate. The user menu features wizards for easy setup.

Key Features and Options
Substrates up to 9“ x 9“
Structures down to 0.6 µm
Address grid down to 10 nm
Advanced gray scale exposure mode
Real time auto focus system
Customer specific laser source
Vector and raster exposure mode