Engineering calculations in power energy

CAD UC ensures increase of power objects efficiency at all stages of the life cycle: from designing to exploitation. CAD UC is designed for determinaton of the optimal structure and composition of power object equipment and for calculation of its stationary operating conditions based on equations of heat and material balance.

CAD UC allows modelling and calculation of power plants and thermal schemes of stations and power complexes. The range of design modes embraces the whole variety of operation loads, taking into account supply of electric energy, heat and steam.

Purpose CAD UC -Calculations of stationary modes of stations and power plants of all types.

Basis of CAD UC -Exact mathematical model of the plant, which takes into account actual state of the equipment.

Stages of model elaboration -Plant. Normative. Actual.


Designing of power plants and systems -> optimal composition of equipment -> reduction of capital inputs for construction.
Exploitation of power plants and systems -> optimal operation mode -> reduction of thermal energy and electricity production.

Results of calculations

Fluid characteristics

Technical and economic indexes

Process charts

Output forms

Power objects

Boiler houses

Heat consumers


  • Steam-power (SPU)
  • Steam-vapor (CCGT)
  • Stations

  • TPP
  • SDPP
  • Application

    Designing of plants and stations

    Exploitation of plants and stations

    Technical maintenance and repair

    Modernization of plants and stations

    Sale of themal energy and electricity

    Exploitaiton and examples of tasks

    Calculation of actual technical and economic indexes

    Calculation of forecast technical and economic indexes

    Optimization of operation modes

    Operative control over performance modes efficiency

    Monitoring of equipment state